Patient Services Representative

Jamie Gibson

Valerie Medrano

Kathy Pena

We assist with scheduling TRIHC office appointments. We also review & maintain patient registration, to eliminate wait time please be sure to keep your registration up to date (due once a year) feel free to call us with any questions you may have in regards to your patient registration file.

Medical Records

Paula Lamotte

Sylvia Nieto

When coming in for a follow up appointment from an outside facility (ER, any hospital procedures, Dr.) be sure to call us. If we do not answer leave a message with your name, DOB and the name of the facility. Doing this will insure our office has your reports ready and in your file prior to your visit here. This will also eliminate your wait time.


Timmie Schoer

Wenonia Plunk

The Tule River Indian Health Center Laboratory is available to service your laboratory needs. All that is needed is the written test orders, from ANY Doctor that you are seeing for your medical care here or in town. You only need to have one annual visit with one of our providers here. Please feel free to contact the laboratory staff to answer any questions you may have regarding the services that are available to you as well as any testing instructions or supplies.

Immunization Specialist

Paula Gomez

Some of the schedules get complicated if a child or adult is behind or have missed dates, the immunization coordinator specializes in getting down to the bottom of any questions or problems patients or anyone may have. We also stay up to date with any new recommendations or new vaccines that come out and get the best vaccine available to stock in our clinic. If you have any question on schedules, due dates, and new vaccines feel free to call the immunization coordinator anytime.