Transportation Conditions

Conditions for Transportation

1. We request that anything that would interfere with safe access to the patient’s residence be removed before the Transporter’s arrival.

  • This includes anything blocking the drive or walkway, or any potentially-threatening animals, which must be caged or chained for our protection as well as the patient’s.

2. Escorts will be required for patients under the age of 18, or those who require any physical, emotional,or cognitive assistance. The escort must accompany the patient at all times.
3. All patients must have sufficient funds with them for any expenses connected with the transportation such as meals, snacks, co-pays, off-site lab fees, etc. The Transporter cannot provide the patient with any money therefore please bring your own.
4. Patients are encouraged to make middle of the day appointments for long distance travel, such as to Los Angeles or San Francisco, when at all possible.

Conditions for Refusal of Transportation

1. If a patient fails to cancel a transportation request at least one day prior to the date of a transport (for 3 or more incidents), they will be denied transportation privileges for a period of six months.

  • Those who fail to cancel in a timely maner or are not present when transport arrives will be informed that they are at a risk of losing their transportation privileges.

2. If the Transportation staff assesses that a patient or the required escort is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the patient will be refused transportation for that day.

  • If this problem continues, it could result in further termination of the patient’s transportation rights.

3. If any patient or escort becomes abusive, threatening, ignores the safety requests, or is sexually inappropriate with the Transportation staff, the transportation at the time of the behavior will be refused.

  • The incident will be immediately reported to the Outreach Director.